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Ngamaba-Path Welcomes You

Where The Heart is, The hope is There

About Us

We are a charity based in Salford in Greater Manchester England UK. We help to alleviate migrant poverty, illness and distress with struggling families residing in Salford in Greater Manchester (UK) with the English language barrier. We also work to help adults and support religious and church activities in our local community.


Our Programs

We Work to Bring joy to Our Community

Charity Volunteers

We help Reduce Poverty 

Our poverty reduction initiative in our local community has proven to be a powerful tool for our organization.


Ngamaba-path has successfully served people living in extreme poverty in our local community and many lives have been improved through this program.



At ngamaba-Path, volunteerism is a source of great pride for our non-profit organization. Our volunteer program is our good way to have people to help us achieve the mission.


We believe that one person cannot accomplish the mission by himself, therefore we are always looking for good and kind people who can bring light to our local community. if you are interested in working with us, do not hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail.

Soup Kitchen

We help migrants and their families

This is one of our main programs at ngamaba-path, we have the potential to bring people together in our local community.

Thanks to our programme, many migrants who do not speak English well have been helped to integrate into our local community.

Our vision

Our mission is to bring different Families together and sharing experiences, tackling common issues that affecting our families life in field of: Education, Training, Health, Jobs, awareness, religious, sport, music and

Environment by the provision of advice and up-to-date translated information


We provide or assist in the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure-time activities, particularly amongst migrant families who are part of disadvantage community in the interests of social welfare and with the aim of improving the quality of life for the said beneficiaries;


We also Participate in:

Re-education of African young people leaving care for better future life.Support and help to overseas ( Of Congo DRC and Congo Brazzaville…) disadvantaged children.

Meet the Team

Our team has a great sense of listening with a great motivation to help others who are in need. we are strong, united and hardworking people, ready to take on any challenges that affect people in our local community.

Woman holding a box of clothes for donation


At Ngamba-Path , we believe that being a liberal person will give the our organisation a chance to be charitable in our local community.

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Contact Us

Address: 85 Lower Broughton Rd, Salford M7 1WE, UK

Tel: 07438242477; 07424746129


Get in Touch

If you feel you need help, please book an appointment with our team by filling out the form below the website, or call our landline Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm or email us and we will book you to meet our team.

Don't worry if we can't solve your problem, we will direct you to the right services that can help you deal with the situation you are currently experiencing.

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