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Our Programs

We work to bring joy to our local community

Volunteer Using Sign Language

We help Reduce Poverty 

Our poverty reduction initiative in our local community has proven to be a powerful tool for our organization.


Ngamaba-path has successfully served people living in extreme poverty in our local community and many lives have been improved through this program.



At ngamaba-Path, volunteerism is a source of great pride for our non-profit organization. Our volunteer program is our good way to have people to help us achieve the mission.


We believe that one person cannot accomplish the mission by themselves, therefore we are always looking for good and kind people who can bring light to our local community. if you are interested in working with us, do not hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail.

Soup Kitchen

We help migrants with their families

This is one of our main programs at ngamabapath, we have the potential to bring people together in our local community.

Thanks to our programme, many migrants who do not speak English well have been helped to integrate into our local community.

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